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TerraCycle takes security seriously. We have already protected our site and the personal information of our customers against the insidious threat of the Heartbleed Bug that has been receiving a lot of press lately, and we will continue to do all we can to provide a trustworthy marketplace for exquisite recumbent parts.

TerraCycle - Exquisite Recumbent Parts & Accesories

TerraCycle has a simple mission: to make parts for recumbent cycles that considerably improve the riding experience. Every day, the TerraCycle Team shows up and uses their hands, hearts and minds to create those parts. We know we’re doing well when Tom Caldwell writes us and says: "Great work, great product, great company—I love doing business with professionals!" When a customer comes back to the shop just to see what new add-ons we've created for our accessory mounts, when a team of college kids asks for our idlers on their human powered vehicle, or when a couple comes by to show off the new ways they've figured out to use their cockpit mounts, then we know we're doing it right.

With our website, we hope to create a library of information on recumbent cycling and the technologies that empower those who ride. Over the years, we've demonstrated our dedication to making the perfect part, which requires knowing just about all there is to know about recumbent cycling. If you haven't had the chance to try us out, we recommend it. Otherwise, let this site be a place for you to come to learn about that wheeled craft you've been riding around. Who knows, you might realize you need something after all.

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